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Club Spotlight: Southern Eagles Archery

For our first Club Spotlight of the semester, we covered the talented Southern Eagles Archery team. More spotlights coming soon!

The New Interdisciplinary Academic Building Tour

Watch as we take a look at the new building on campus! Go to the George-Anne for more details in a article by them (

The Inner Circle: I, Tonya

Brandon and Tyler sat down to discuss one of the recent Oscar-nominated films to reach Statesboro theaters, I, Tonya!

The Inner Circle: What Happened to Monday

Our Special Features Reporters sat down to discuss the action-filled mystery thriller and Netflix original, What Happened to Monday!

The Inner Circle: The Post

Brandon and Tyler went out to Steven Spielburg’s “The Post” this week. Was it good? Was it bad? Is Daddy Tom Hanks the leader of the...

New Year Resolution: The Workout

Nailah has made a plan to get fit for the new year. Let’s see how she does!

Top 3 Best/Worst Movies of 2017

Brandon and Tyler wrap up 2017 in a nice little bow as they discuss their Top 3 Best and Worst movies that they saw last year!

Happy Home 4: Alone for the Weekend

Josh goes through the stages of having his roommate/best friend gone for the weekend. Watch as he suffers…

The Circle Scares!

The Circle goes around and tries to scare people in student media for halloween!

College 101: Homecoming

Watch as Joshua gets advice from students about surviving Homecoming at Georgia Southern!